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EMP Strike (type: basic)

The son of Ike, Adler is 2 years younger than Ryan, but also much taller. Ryan used to boss Adler around as a kid, but he never minded it, he was always laughing. As soon as Ryan's father vanished, he has never seen Ryan again.


Born and raised on an island located on the continent of Roland, Ryan is a warrior who inherited the spirit of chivalry, and studied the ways of combat at a young age with his grandfather, it greatly sharpened his resolve. Ryan's father was the Knight Commander of the Barro Empire, in the times of war, Ryan's father galliantly fought and conquered heretics and enemies alike, his accomplishments was second to none. 15 years ago (Ryan was 7 years-old), a scouting team discovered mysterious crystals and the whereabouts of the heretic Arch-Bishop in the Antagail Mountains. The Arch-Bishop has the tendency of being very hard to track down, and it is unheard of for all the Arch-Bishops to appear all in one place. The king ordered Ryan's father to lead the legion of elite Knights to find the Arch-Bishops, in an attempt to completely wipe out the original sin which has plagued and disturbed the peace of the continent. This was, however, the last time Ryan has ever heard of his father again. No trace of battle was found near the Antagail Mountains, so the many senators and elders who had held a grudge against Ryan's father, found their chance to frame Ryan's father of treason, and convinced the King that he will return to rebel against the King, encouraging the King to kill all of Ryan's family. Adler's father - Ike, has been a loyal friend of Ryan's father, he sent Ryan's family to a remote island, to escape from the politics of the empire. Ryan's grandfather has never answered directly about whether his father truly betrayed the empire, as if he withheld information to be shared. All he hoped for, was that Ryan would continue to march forward in his journey, and that one day he will find his father. When Ryan turned 16, his grandfather said to Ryan "If you really need to kill your father one day, do not hesitate. In order to do that, you have to be stronger than him, whether it be sword mastery, or your heart and soul.