For as long as the time, the tales of Light and Dark are told, through the words of the wise. As the time goes by, the pure souls in the worlds begin to corrupt, by greed, and the Darkness force is able to expand rigorously, breaking the balance of the worlds. In the end, the Light sacrificed everything in its power, but its consciousness, in order to create a new world - Sithdoth, and to seal the Darkness within.

It was during the creation of the new world that, the will of Light and Dark was sealed into the form of crystals, and the crystals are placed in every corner of the world. The crystals possess special powers, with these powers, the crystals are able to draw the souls of the other realms, into Sithdoth.

Sithdoth presents itself very uniquely, in the world of Sithdoth, the definition of death is vague, there is no true Light or Darkness, there is no absolute kindness or evil, and there exists no lifeform that resembles those of the other realms, all souls originate from the other realms. In Sithdoth, a soul can choose whichever form it wishes to exist in, and it is constantly changing. The chaotic souls and wills are being constantly purified within the realm.

Even though the Darkness has been sealed, but nothing remains constant forever. Countless souls from the other realms have been tainted, infecting one another. Through the power of the crystals, the corrupted and imperfect souls will be summoned into Sithdoth.

Sithdoth exists for the purpose to create absolute balance. One should remember, there is no absolute kindness or evil, only strong will and power can ultimately create balance. A light too bright brings blindness, and unfathomable darkness follows.

The outstanding souls of the realms now reside in Sithdoth, they continuously fight, taking power from the crystals, which then strengthens the souls’ abilities and will. Ultimately, the strongest soul standing shall gain access to open the Gate of Zyira, or, the Gate of Destiny. A blessing from the Light or the Dark shall be chosen, and at last, the soul returns to its rightful realm, and becomes the guardian of the balance (Keep in mind, that there is no absolute kindness or evil in the world.)


As more and more souls gather in Sithdoth, three powerful Forces began to emerge, their competition grows fierce rapidly. Yet, the Gate of Zyira never opens easily.


Iron-willed, fearless in the face of any challenge. They believe in divine beings, and can sacrifice anything for their just cause.


A highly intelligent, even deceitful, group of beings. They live for their own gains, and will do anything for a profit.


They trust no one but their own kind, an extremely loyal group. They are the ones with unmentionable pasts, yet they believe, that their souls came to this world by a choosing of the Gods, and it is the greatest honor there is. They will fight for honor, as is their creed.